Sunday when Pastor Chris ask us applaud each other there was such a wonderful atmosphere that visibly exploded all across the sanctuary.    How did you feel?  Blessed, embarrassed, excited?

I thought at the time “this is great, we should do this more often”.  I want to bless my brothers and sister and I want to learn to receive the applause without being embarrassed.  We just need practice, both giving and receiving applause.

Applause =  Approval or praise expressed by clapping.

How will people know that we approve of them or what they are doing if we don’t make an effort  to  applaud them.  We know from people who teach and train that when good behavior is rewarded it can become a learned behavior and a natural automatic response.

We know there are many ways to demonstrate approval.  But this way is hard to misinterpret and it is a public display.  It seems a little crazy but I would love to see us throw caution to the wind and build a foundation of  acceptance and approval.  Who’s with me?


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