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Reflection on Psalm 63

David is an inspiration for us as a Worshiper – Warrior – King.  The King aspect is where I need to grow in my own experience.  I love worship,  I am learning to be a prayer warrior, but the ruling and reigning is an area I need more understanding and commitment.

Psalm 63 reveals David’s heart and his desperate need for a deeper touch of God’s  presence.  He has seen God’s power and glory in the Sanctuary and cries out for a fresh touch.  Desperation like David’s is what is needed –  “thirsty soul and faint flesh”.

David turns to what he knows is precious in his own experience, worship.    Remembering God’s faithful and steadfast love, he begins to worship and declares what he knows is true and recalls things he will continue to do – He will Bless God and worship with uplifted hands (giving up all his concerns and problems).  He determines to be satisfied and be joy filled and remember all God’s benefits and goodness. He meditates on who God really is for him and recalls all God’s help and protection.     King David remembers and declares to Rejoice.

Learning to rule and reign in the Kingdom requires first learning  to rule and reign my own soul (my personal Kingdom).  Like David I must grow in my commitment to:

Seek Him…Behold Him…Praise Him…Bless Him
Exalt Him…Obey Him…Be satisfied in Him
Praise Him joyfully…Remember His blessing
Meditate on Him…Sing for Joy…Cling to Him…Rejoice in Him

Father, I trust you to help me exercise these commitments. I will also recall your Word declares who we are in Jesus.  I am seated with Him in Heavenly places and I respectfully remember His dignity, grace and honor that I  endeavor to reflect at all times.

Do you like being alone?

Well, there is alone and then there is really alone…

Of course, there are those times we need time for ourselves, to get away from all the stress and noise. It may be difficult to be really alone in this day and age, but how about feeling alone when you are with people? Sometimes you can be alone in a crowd.

We know the Word tells us that we are never alone, that Father God is with us no matter where we are, but we can’t always feel or acknowledge His presence if there is something drawing our attention or affections in another direction..  Things like fear, anger, self-pity, jealousy, disappointment, anxiety, worry, lust, envy, coveting etc. What are we using to satisfy our needs? Why are we unsatisfied in the first place?

The Word tells us that our mind can be in perfect peace when it is stayed on the Lord Jesus. I know, “it’s not that easy.” No it is not, but it wasn’t easy for Jesus to hear his own family doubt his origin. For those who traveled with Him to deny they knew Him. To be hated by those He had grown up with in His local community. These thing were minor compared with hearing His Father slandered and denied, having to hold His tongue when lies were told about Him and His mission to reveal his Father’s love and character. No, it wasn’t easy to trust that what He came to do was not going to be wasted and rejected. We were never promised that being a follower of Jesus would be easy, in fact He told us that we would be treated just like they treated him.. We have no idea the physical, mental and emotional price that Jesus paid to give us the privilege of being a part of the Kingdom of God and knowing with confidence that we will have an eternal home as part of a heavenly family. I think He may have had many chances to feel completely alone, but He trusted the integrity and love of His father and obeyed His Father’s every request, according to the original plan They made before the beginning of time. “Easy” is not what we were called to expect. The blessing of obedience is our reward.

Alone is what the enemy wants you to feel. He will do most anything to keep you from knowing that you are part of a heavenly family that is united and bound together by the blood of Jesus. Isolation is a weapon of the enemy and should be avoided at all costs. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God and that same love is what can keep us united. “They knew they were Christians by the love they had for one another”.


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SWC’s missions program began almost immediately after the planting of the church.  We believe strongly in local and global missions.  If you were to visit our sanctuary, you would notice a statement painted on the back wall. Written there are the words, “You are now entering God’s mission field” over the exit doors.  Everything outside the four walls of the church is our mission field, and we are committed to sharing the love of Christ with people, whether they are around the world or across the street.  SWC’s mission outreach is by Larry Anderson.   SWC invests in various ministries around the globe – including University campus outreach in Arizona and Colorado, supporting an orphanage in Mexico, building churches and water wells in India, and a ministry-training school in Ecuador.

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This video is a brief report of the various outreach ministries we are involved with.

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