Resource Partners

Hustle PHX

We’re excited to partner with Hustle PHX in their entrepreneur program for people in our city. Hustle PHX encourages the creation of sustainable business ventures that affirm the dignity of people and lead to the flourishing of all communities in Phoenix. Through their program, they provide a limited number of carefully selected entrepreneurs with three essential kinds of capital: Intellectual, Social, & Financial.

Want to get involved in a more hands-on way, or just want to know more about this great outreach? Here’s a link for more information or volunteer opportunities.

Beyond Autism School

We are partnered with Beyond Autism, a school designed to meet the needs of children with Autism and to offer support to their families. This is a small but highly-effective school with a dedicated and compassionate team of leaders and teachers who focus on social and life skills, as well as academic goals for each individual student.

Beyond Autism Website

Lifeline Screening

SWC hosts Lifeline a few times each year, offering non-invasive screening for a variety of health issues, including stroke prevention, abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease and atrial fibrillation. Watch the news page for the next Lifeline event.

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

RTBAV is a nationally recognized crime prevention seminar taught by Richard Marshall on the SWC campus on a periodic basis. Each registered participant will receive a student handbook and course completion certificate.  Please contact the church office at 480-483-2401 or for information on upcoming seminars.

Faith Community Nurse

Our Faith Community Nurse, Joan West is available to talk about health concerns, medications and insurance issues. Joan organizes a variety of health-related classes throughout the year, taught by industry professionals at the SWC campus.

Annual Day Camp

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Day Camp!

June  of Each Year


One of the best weeks of the summer is Day Camp at SWC!  Each year our Day Camp is a full day camp that runs Monday through Friday.   We offer camps for all kids ages 4-Junior High, so there’s a place for everyone.  Watch here for information regarding 2018’s Day Camp for our Pre-K, Elementary and/or Jump Team (Jr. High) Camps.

“Wanted” 2017’s Day Camp Promotional Video



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