Ever wondered about the will of God or what certain theological terms mean? Do you want to hone your skills as a friend, parent or spouse? Do you struggle to forgive people who’ve offended you? These and many other topics are offered in Thrive classes, designed to equip believers with spiritual and practical education, in order to make us more effective in life and in the kingdom of God.

Thrive classes are offered on Sunday mornings before service. Kids Thrive too, with their Ministry Through the Arts training, where they learn how to use their creativity to worship the Lord through the Arts.

Thrive Classes

Our Thrive Classes meet each Sunday from 9:00 AM-9:40 AM in various rooms at the SWC campus.   Here are the current and coming series topics:

“The Invisible War”

Spiritual warfare is part of life. It’s time for believers to raise the shield of faith in their daily lives and situations. This series draws on Ephesians 6 and explores a biblical view of spiritual warfare and how to prayerfully defend ourselves and our families. Alex Polmans will facilitate this 8-session dvd series by Chip Ingram.


This 4-week class is a character study on Job and his “friends,” taught by Norbert Senftleben.  We see in the archetypal suffering of Job and the response of his comforters, that humanity does not have the answers for those who suffer.   In the end, God instructs Job to pray for his friends, who “had not spoken that which was right” about God; why was Elihu not included in their number?  In the midst of his crisis, Job had a fresh revelation of God that changed his life and perspective in a way that human words could not.

Upcoming Fall Classes:

“Living The Spirit-Formed Life” (begins Sunday, October 1)

This is a 9-week class that addresses many of the fundamental elements of our faith, discipleship issues such as worship, hearing God’s voice, fasting, walking in forgiveness, feeding on the Word of God, prayer and walking in the fullness of the Spirit, to name a few.  These and other spiritual disciplines can propel us toward a life in victory in Christ.  This class has the added variety of multiple facilitators, with the participation of the SWC elders.

“Diving Deep with Jonah” (begins Sunday, October 1)

Many biblical truths can be seen by a quick observation of the text, but there are also principles that require a closer look. In Jonah’s literal “ups and downs,” we are able to see a powerful parallel to our Christian walk. In this short 48 verse book, we hear the “rumble” of the belly of the great fish, but even louder, the inner man of Jonah—and even more powerfully, we hear the heart of God for His fallen creation. This 5-week class is taught by Pastor Lenny Corliss.

“The Conquering Spirit”  (coming in November)

The believer in Christ is equipped with everything needed to have a conquering spirit. It is necessary for us to understand that the evil around us must not be resisted in the flesh, and that a fleshly response actually opens the door to the enemy’s interference. Rather, through the Holy Spirit, believers can overcome anything with which the enemy assails us, living as “more than conquerors,” through Christ.  Norbert Senftleben will teach this class.

Sundays, 9:00 to 9:40 am.

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