Ever wondered about the will of God or what certain theological terms mean? Do you want to hone your skills as a friend, parent or spouse? Do you struggle to forgive people who’ve offended you? These and many other topics are offered in Thrive classes, designed to equip believers with spiritual and practical education, in order to make us more effective in life and in the kingdom of God.

Thrive classes are offered on Sunday mornings before service. Kids Thrive too, with their Ministry Through the Arts training, where they learn how to use their creativity to worship the Lord through the Arts.

February Thrive Class

In February, Bob Fraley is teaching out of his new book, Master of Deception, Sundays at 9:00 AM in room 105. This class explores the passages in Scripture that address the rise of deception in our present age, the methods used by the enemy to distract and deceive, as well as the incalculable danger of abandoning the Word of God in our daily lives.

“Begin Within” Class Recordings

Dr. Collins of Begin Within Family Wellness, shares a class on the importance of health from a biblical perspective. Imagine the impact we could have on others if we were truly healthy. Come learn God’s principles on health and how He designed us to HEAL. Dr. Kyle Collins will be transforming our perception of health brining it in line with God’s Word.

Or you may also view the videos on Vimeo.

Week Four Recording:


Week Three Recording:

Week Two Recording:

Week One Recording:




Thrive Classes

Our Sunday morning Thrive class is back at 9 AM in our Community Center. Thrive Classes are designed to offer practical and spiritual education and connection among the SWC family.

Following are some Frequently Asked Questions about Thrive Classes:

What can/can’t I bring to a class?

Please feel free to bring paper and pen or iPad / tablet for note taking.  Recroding of classes is permitted, in fact, encouraged!

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Larry Anderson at or by calling the church office at 480-483-2401.

Can I change my class attendance day?

Yes.  If something comes up or you desire to attend different day or class session, please feel free to do so.  Our desire is to assist you in our growth with the Lord and as a person, not track which class you attend.  Our registration process is intended to assist us in placing classes in classrooms that are of appropriate size.