Hustle PHX

We’re excited to partner with Hustle PHX in their entrepreneur program for people in our city. Hustle PHX encourages the creation of sustainable business ventures that affirm the dignity of people and lead to the flourishing of all communities in Phoenix. Through their program, they provide a limited number of carefully selected entrepreneurs with three essential kinds of capital: Intellectual, Social, & Financial.

Want to get involved in a more hands-on way, or just want to know more about this great outreach? Here’s a link for more information or volunteer opportunities.

Think, Live, LOVE, Globally: Missions 2017

Sunday, November 5th, we had an exciting and inspiring SWC missions overview in the morning service.  Pastor Larry presented of all the SWC Missions Partners, local and global, and talked about ways to be involved, through practical means, through giving and through prayer.  Pastor Martin from Agua Prieta shared a beautiful message about compassion, and the Reconciliation Church choir and Hustle Phoenix were our special guests, as well. If you missed this great day, or just want to experience it again, click the link below.

Think, Live, LOVE Globally: Missions Celebration 2017

This is a brief overview of the various outreaches that we were able to participate in over the last year.


Prison Ministry

Pastor Theron & Jewell Holland and Joe & Joyce Leonardi lead a ministry that is especially focused toward those who are incarcerated at Arizona State Prison in Florence. In this dark place, the Hollands and Leonardis are taking the light of Christ to men who need to hear the message of salvation and freedom offered by God.

Another way that this team reaches out to those incarcerated is through written correspondence, beyond their frequent visitation. They build relationships and offer encouragement and discipleship with these men on a regular basis.

Real Life Church

Pastor Reggie Stutzman was part of SWC for many years as a teenager and young man before he and his wife Ibelsa planted Real Life Church in New York City. They began by feeding the people, meeting their practical needs first. Located in the South Bronx, Real Life Church reaches out to the people living in Hunts Point by showing who Jesus is, by actively demonstrating His love through practical means in addition to teaching the Word.

Real Life Church regularly offers meals and clothing to the community, in addition to their weekly services and Bible studies. They are working with the City to buy a strip club and turn it into a permanent location for the ministry. RLC is building the body of Christ by building the people of Hunts Point.

University Campus Ministry

The University campuses of America are a vital mission field, and SWC is happy to partner with Faith Christian Church in that effort. This ministry is based in Tucson, AZ with additional outreach to universities in Colorado and Florida.
At this crucial time in their lives, students need to hear the Gospel and to be established in a local church, and that is the primary aim of Faith Christian’s Campus Ministry.

Tyler and Sarah Wachenfeld are campus missionaries with FCC. They and their team equip other young student leaders to serve their fellow students through on- campus Bible studies and evangelism. At the University of Arizona campus alone, 300 Bible studies a week take place through this ministry.

Mom’s Pantry Food Bank

Mom’s Pantry was founded on the philosophy that no one should go hungry. More than one in five Arizona families faces food uncertainty, meaning they may not know where their next meal is coming from. Mom’s Pantry provides emergency food boxes that will cover meals for three days for the family or individual. The boxes including non-perishable canned goods, cereal, dry beans, rice and pastas, as well as perishable fruits and vegetables.

Mom’s Pantry aims to serve the community and distribute resources that will provide much-needed nutrition to needy adults and children, giving families and individuals a hand-up in their struggle against hunger. SWC is grateful to partner with this vital ministry.

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