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Who do you say that I am?

Who do you say that I am? (Luke 9:20)

Selah .  (Take a minute and think about this)  Well, He’s God!  He’s my savior!  Yea, but who is He today for you in your present circumstances?   How can we share what we have in Christ if we have trouble expressing the reality of our relationship with Him.   I have a friend who battles daily with health problems.  How do I share how grateful  I am for my health without  being  condescending?

Father is my provider and I am growing more aware daily as I acknowledge all the ways He provides.  Most of all, He is my comfort and personal  friend and I have discovered He has a sense of humor.  His presence is like a warm sweater on a cold night, a cool drink on a hot day, a strong shoulder to cry on when my dreams are shattered.  A counselor when I need direction, an encourager when am unsure of myself , confused and lack understanding.   All sounds good but it takes a lot of one on One time to get to know Him and trust that all that the Word says is absolutely true.  It’s one thing to discover  a facet of our Lord and quite another to keep it fresh and real in our relationship.    Who do I say that “I am” is?  For me,  It depends on the day, the time and the circumstance.  He is everything all the time but I am just learning how to recognize Him and how to express my awareness.   This is a grand journey, getting to know the One who Loves us most, and learning to appreciate and depend on Him more and more each day.   Who is He for you today?  I would love to have you share your thoughts with me.

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Blessings, Roberta

Showing Up…

I was reading an article by Reuben Morgan a few weeks ago, and in it, he expressed the following thought about God being present in our weekly worship services:

“God’s presence is robust.  He’s not nervous or timid, and He is always present, never failing, never out of time or out of action….It’s not a matter of asking did God show up to our meeting. The question to wrestle with is this:  did we show up to meet with God?”

I’ve experienced both kinds of Sundays over the years of belonging to Him…the days that I “show up” for worship and meeting Him, and the days I struggle…The great news is that God’s grace is big enough for both of those “days”…He will lift us from where we are to where He is, if we’re willing.

SWC, let’s “show up” to meet Him. See you Sunday…


What’s your testimony?

What’s your testimony?

Years ago in our Sunday Evening Church they had a testimony time where people shared how they come to know the Lord.  So I thought that my testimony was how I got saved.  But, now I have come to know that my testimony is my journey in the Lord, my everyday life.   I also believed “witnessing” was asking someone if they were saved but really, we are living witnesses.   As God works His wondrous love and wisdom into the fabric of our lives we have the opportunity to share it in a way that will help and encourage those around us.

What would it be like if we greeted one another with “What’s the Lord showing you today”?  Wow, that’s intimidating.   Maybe,  but would we have anything to share?  If this happened a few times maybe we would be more attentive to remembering how Father has been blessing an exhorting us and how to put it into words.  I know I love sharing the blessings but not so quick to share how He is helping me see and work on the areas for change and growth.

The thing is, none of us are unique,  we all are working on “stuff” in our lives.  The “stuff” you worked thru last week may be what I need to encourage me this week.  It seems we’re all made of the same “stuff”.  The scripture says “we are fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139; 14).  We’re just in the process of getting it all together.   Thank you Lord, for your patience and long suffering .  Please, Holy Spirit help us to continue to grow into all you have in your heart for us  and be willing to be open and vulnerable to our Brothers and Sisters. (that really will be the Holy Spirit).

There is a place…

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There is a place
Whenever I get back from visiting a unique destination, I look forward to telling my story to whoever will listen…whether they’re willing or not!   I give them detailed descriptions of the place, how beautiful it is, or what a great experience it was.  The conversation usually starts with “There is a place…” and ends with “you have to go there and experience it for yourself.”
Last year, our family went on a cruise to Alaska.  One of my favorite destinations was the Hubbard Glacier.  To get there, the ship traversed a rather narrow passage, through dozens of large floating ice cubs and then dead-ended at this amazing sight. 
The ship dropped anchor so that hundreds of us camera-ready folks could gaze at its color-rich beauty.  The 10-story high and 78-mile long glacier routinely “calves off” (no, not baby cows), making a spectacular action show as large sections of ice thunderously crashed into the sea.  
Even with the calving, the glacier is still growing at a rate of 7 feet per day.  I kid you not…because we were anchored, the longer you looked at the glacier, you could actually see the glacier moving towards you.  Amazing!
Even writing this, I can still picture this in my minds-eye and feel the emotion of seeing such beauty and the cool refreshing breeze blowing off the top of the glacier.  I remember having “spiritual goosebumps” while standing there holding Jen’s hand and saying “God is awesome!”  Needless to say, we were in no hurry to leave that place.
There’s another place…a better place…an even more spectacular action show that is even more gripping, irresistible, and all-arresting.  But please, approach with caution.  It’s dangerous.  The longer you are anchored at the foot of it, the more you’ll see…the more you’ll love…and the more you’ll forgive.  
Join me at this place.  The next three Sundays through to Good Friday, we’ll be gazing at this place of profound love.  
There is a place…it’s at the cross. 

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