How it works…

The elders at SWC are a group of great people who pray regularly for every member of the SWC family.  They serve along side Pastor Chris & Jennifer, offering pastoral ministry and discipleship as well.

In fact, practically speaking, several of the elders have committed to pray and serve you right where you live…

This is what it looks like:

So that everyone is covered, we have assigned an elder to every zip code in PHX area, grouped together in zones.  Based on your zip code, you have direct access to an elder who is already praying for you and anticipates walking alongside you in your journey with the Lord.

Keep in mind all of our pastors and elders are pleased to serve you (to date, there are 19). However, your assigned elder is especially given to praying for you and supporting you in your faith journey.

So no matter where you live…you’re covered!!

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