31 Days of Fun This Week:

31 Days of Fun is happening at Fusion Youth during the month of July.  It’s 31 days of activities or social media connections with the Fusion family.  Contact us at info@swconline.net or check the “Events Calendar” for more information.  Here’s what’s happening this week:

Sunday, July 23:  Cooking with Leaders | SWC 100 Kitchen | $5 each | 6 PM

Monday, July 24: Selfie Monday | Post your best selfie on social media

Tuesday, July 25: Favorite Song | Share your current fav on social media

Wednesday, July 26:  Disney Night @Fusion | Wear your Disney attire to service | 6:30 PM

Thursday, July 27: Fun Fact Thursday | Post something new about yourself

Friday, July 28:  SWC Family Game Night | 100 Building | 6:30 PM

Saturday, July 29:  Survival Game Night | Humans vs. Zombies | SWC Campus

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