Oh, for Heaven Sakes!

Oh, for Heaven Sakes!

As a child I heard this a lot and have yet to figure out what it meant.  I guessed it was frustration because of something I did wrong or didn’t do.  Now, I wonder if they even knew what they were expressing.

Heaven is a subject we are fascinated with but don’t really know a lot about.  It’s a very important subject because it has to do with our eternal life.  Like most people we saw pictures of clouded and angles and we wondered and  thought “lovely but boring.    Have you ever had someone ask “will my pet go to heaven”, or will I know my family in heaven? “  Did you know how to answer them?

Heaven is where we all believe we will be going,  so why don’t we know more about it?  Good question.    Pastor Chris will be teaching us what the Bible tells us about our heavenly home.  The enemy I believe works overtime to keep us from the revelation of God’s  perfect provision.  God’s  original creation was pretty spectacular and I think our next habitation will be  beyond our imagination, as it reflects His love and personal concern for each one of His blood bought children.

This subject of Heaven is one that everyone is interested  and  a wonderful opportunity to invite people to come to hear what Pastor will be sharing.  Also there are the three  home groups that will be gathering to give opportunity for people to ask question and share on a more personal level .

Kinworthy Group    SWC Campus

Damante Group      56th Street and Greenway area

Stultz Group     Tempe  (cross streets  Scottsdale Rd and McDowell)

(Please see contact the church office for address details)

Let’s continue to pray for Pastor Chris as he finishes his ministry in India and travels his 22 hour trip home.


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