Want a gift to give that has already been paid for?

The ultimate gift is the gift of eternal life offered to us through the life and obedience of Jesus Christ. Then there are other gifts that we are offered to enjoy and then give away.   I am especially thankful to have something of such value to be able to offer to those I love and care about.    However, the  great  thing about these gifts they won’t wear out, you don’t have to dust them, and they will go with anything and  will fit everyone.  The only thing it will cost to receive is the willingness to accept it, treasure it and share it.  It is especially needed for everyone at this time of year.

Photo of a young girl opening a present

Grace, Peace and Mercy

Twenty two times in the New Testament we are reminded that our God and Father of Jesus Christ our Lord offer us  His Grace, His Mercy, and His Peace.   I love a description of Grace that I heard recently.

“ The way Father God feels about you as if sin never happened.”  The reality is Jesus really did pay the ultimate price, so the sin issue really is resolved in the Cross of Jesus.

The introduction of real Peace came when the Angelic Host declared “Peace on Earth good will to men”

Announcing the arrival of the “Prince of Peace”  Mercy   His love for us when we were still in our sinful nature, and made a way to redeem us through the blood of His beloved Son.

Grace, Mercy and Peace, all so profound and yet available for us in Jesus to enjoy and impart to those we love.  A Gift of Love, Jesus, wrapped in Fathers’ Grace, Mercy and Peace.  A wonderous free Gift that costs everything.


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