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20/20 Giving Challenge

Hi SWC family!
As the video describes, Stephen Cathers and I got talking about some ways we could use the upcoming stimulus checks to bless our neighbors and mission partners. Though many need the extra funds for basic essentials, others of us could dedicate a portion to bless our neighbors with some act(s) of kindness, and another portion given to church missions.

 “...stir up one another for love and good works.” (Heb. 10:24). Now that’s real stimulus!

Can you imagine if just 100 of our members responded to the challenge, we could see one of our biggest seasons of neighborhood and missions giving in the history of SWC. Souls saved and bodies helped. Now that’s stimulus!

Since 2020 has become a historic year, I think we all agree, it’s ready to be redeemed for the glory of God. And here’s a practical way forward. 

The 20/20 Giving Challenge:

* 20% of the stimulus check dedicated to blessing neighbors in need. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct who and when to bless. Perhaps consider a family member, next-door neighbor, someone especially affected by the crisis--and then look for practical ways to help. Or donate to SWC's benevolence fund that helps other members in need. 


* 20% given to church missions. We have over a dozen mission partners that are in desperate need. 

Will you accept the 20/20 Giving Challenge? 

Add to the fun: Even if you can’t participate financially, love generously with 20 acts of kindness (cooking a meal, picking up groceries for an elderly neighbor, an encouraging card, etc.). Be Spirit-filled with your creative generosity. Now that’s stimulus!

I’m so looking forward to hearing the testimonies of all the “outside of the box” ways you’re going to love your neighbors. It’s a joy to do life with each of you!

Let’s “spur” each other on, 

Pastor Chris

NOTE: Spread the word. Most of us have family and friends throughout the nation and locally that may want to involve their church community. Use social media and email forwards to share the challenge you’ve accepted.