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A Plan for the Family

Father God is the one who thought up the plan for family.  It’s the greatest blessing we could ever experience.   That may be the truth, but somehow it isn’t always true for all of us.  It is the personal place where we discover the potential for warm fuzzies, or cold prickles.  It is the bedrock of education for life.  They say we learn all we need to know about life in Kindergarten; well, it starts even earlier than that.  The beauty of it all is our Heavenly Father is the Good Father, who can and will be there for us, no matter what comes our way.  The miracle of diversity is so awesome. Only God can make so many of us, and have us all so different.  I think He planned it that way, so we could all be special in His sight.  We need each other to make up the whole.  That’s the rub, or the straw, that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.   We have all been given a certain space of time to figure it all out, and I’m not so sure many have been able to accomplish the task.  Maybe that’s the whole idea.   We need the Architect who drew up the master plan.  The key to it all seems to be ability to communicate.  We need to speak the same language.  It’s been said that Love is the language that needs no interpreter.   The one who knows all languages, and how to interpret, is our great Friend and Teacher the Holy Spirit.

So often the root of misunderstanding is that we speak without having a clear idea of what we want to communicate, and the other issue is that we need to learn how to listen.    It’s true that the enemy of our souls, the one who is the author of all misunderstandings, will encroach on our conversations and deliberately attempt to disrupt and confuse what we are saying.   I am beginning to  understand that I speak sometimes without really knowing what I am trying to communicate.   When the Word of God tells us that we will have to account for all that we have spoken, I need to be more aware of what I really am saying.

All this is to say: Family is where we have our first opportunity to experience our ability to make ourselves understood.  That, for me, was not the primary education that I needed.  Because we live in a fallen world, and all are imperfect people, we get to learn, or not, this skill at an early age.   Now at this advanced age, I still am learning to think about what I say, and say what I really think.  Now, I am asking the Lord to help me to really listen.

As Believers, we have the Family of God to help us learn to speak all things in Love.  They can be as challenging as our personal family, but we have a new incentive to speak the truth in love.  Love is the key.  We realize the depth of love the Father has for us when we acknowledge the measure of love it took to send His Son to personally experience every human feeling and situation we could ever have.  Jesus’ life and love paved the way for us to experience divine love, and the opportunity to learn how to walk in the truth of His sacrificial loving obedience.

The whole reason for all the above is the reason we need to get together and have fellowship. That’s the best place to develop a sense of unity.  When we get to know one another, we begin to identify with each other, and when we identity, we begin to understand, and understanding help us to accept each other’s diversities. Acceptance is all any of us want anyway.   To know me is to love me, well it’s a place to start.  To know Him (Jesus) in me is to love me in Him.  Let’s get together!

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