We will gather ONLINE ONLY this Sunday @ 10:00 am

I'm Listening, Lord

Sometimes we are so busy and involved with life that we are not aware we are neither “hot or cold” spiritually, and in need of a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, or a touch from the Master’s hand.  That’s why the Elders are available to agree with us in Prayer.

Last Sunday’s service was so inspiring.  The worship was refreshing, and everyone seemed to really enter in.  Having Pastor Chris present the opportunity to share prophetic insight was also inspiring.  When our hearts are prepared to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit, only great and glorious things take place.   The refreshing, healing and encouragement we need are found in His love: His empowering presence.  
Have you ever thought of reading through the SWC directory, and asking the Lord to show you who needs to be encouraged in prayer?   Or maybe someone just comes to mind; it could be that they need prayer.  Who knows? You may be that “someone,” and you will be blessed!  We don’t realize how much we need each other.  I know I need you, and I am asking Father to remind me to listen for His nudge to pray for you.  Praying for one another creates bonds of love and unity, and unity, Psalm 133 tells us, is where God commands a blessing.

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