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It Does Too Matter!

It does too matter!
This morning as I was enjoying time with the Lord, I began to think about those for whom I was going to pray.  The thought came to me “there are loads of people praying, it doesn’t really matter.”  Wow!  Guess where that came from!  I heard myself say with gusto “it does too matter!”    It’s interesting how easy it is to think that prayer or praying one more time, has little or no value.   Could it be that the prayers of the Saints are like a fragrant sacrifice offered up to the Lord? Like a whiff of smoke caught in the wind of the Spirit, embraced, blending with the prayers of others, magnified, ascended to the throne of Father God who delights in our fellowship.   We know that our every thought and heartfelt prayer will not go unnoticed by The One who loves us with an everlasting, all-powerful love.  Not only is your prayer important, you are important!  You are an integral part of His divine plan, created from the very beginning of time.  His love and grace, (his empowering presence) gives us the ability to trust and grow in His likeness.

The enemy delights in interfering with our conversation and communion with the Lord and with our Brothers and Sisters.  It our place to remind him that Jesus stripped him of all his authority and power that he once had.  We have the Word of God and the Name of Jesus to empower us to say “no” to his suggestions and influence.  We need to remember to speak out when interference tries to hinder our worship, prayer and relationships.  Father God, help us to discern this trick of the enemy and remind us of the power and authority given to us through the power of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus.
Thank you, Father, for the Gift of your Son, that because of His death and resurrection, we can become the family you desired and planned from the beginning.

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