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Nothing Is Impossible!

Thinking this morning about my “dry bones”.  These are those that I am believing to be restored to life in the Holy Spirit.  But this can also be for the dreams and ideas that we have or have had.  With our Father God nothing is impossible.  If you have trouble believing just look at Ezekiel 37:12-14. Or Luke 1:37 or remember Sarah and Abraham.  Elizabeth and Zechariah. Of course, the greatest of all Mary the Mother of our Savior Jesus.  As well as any of the miracle’s in the Bible.

Our God is still in the miracle business.  They are all around us every day.  When did we stop believing?   Most likely it was when our dream or prayer request didn’t happen the way we had hoped or expected.  Our God works in His time frame and that is always “Now”.   I’m so sorry that my temporal understanding does not work the way His eternal ways work.  He is always faithful; always answers, we just don’t always get the message.  His eternal message is “I love you; I do care for your best interest and how you feel,” however I don’t choose to control other things and people’s decisions to give you what you’re asking.

“We have the testimonies of those who have been touched by glorious experiences.  Our part is to develop our relationship with the One who can do All things above and beyond our ability to even think or imagine.   Jesus gave us His faith, His Grace and His example. He experienced all that we could ever experience and fulfilled His purpose to give us His life.  Life abundant and the hope for Life Eternal…

If Jesus can and does help me believing he is more than able to help you as you find your secret place and spend time with the One who IS.  He gave us His body (his Church) to stand together. Let us support any way we can. Prayer is a good place to start.

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