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What are you afraid of?

If you say “nothing," I will give your name to the Prayer warriors....

We all have things that cause us to “choose” to either call out to Father God, or try to deal with it ourselves and ultimately, we may succumb to fear.   Fear is a reality that can help or hurt us.  To be fearful of something that will harm us is a blessing.  However, fear can be a cruel slave master.

I know it's difficult to recognize all the different forms of fear:  Shock, worry, dread, uncertainty, great concern, confusion, great uncertainty.  Mostly it’s anything that robs you of your peace and confidence in The Word of God, your Faith or your personal relationship with your Heavenly Father.  However, the Bible declares over and over “Fear not”.  How can that happen? How can we overcome the effects of fear?  The Bible also addresses this: by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.  You must settle in your mind and heart the validity of the finished work of the Cross.  Was Satan truly defeated?  Did Jesus truly overcome death, hell and the grave?  Satan only has the power that we allow him to have over us.

Our confidence in the power of the Love of God is our key to overcoming.  It takes constant application of the Truth to create a shield to faith that protects us from the darts of the enemy. Knowing how to recognize and address fear as a deadly weapon takes vigilance and sometimes the need to cry out for help. The Holy Spirit is always at hand, and so are those whom you trust in God.  We need each other, to stand strong and full of courage.  It’s a continuous battle but necessary to maintain peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.  If we practice peace and joy on a regular basis, we will be more able to resist the fiery darts.

The day may come that we will have to stand, not only for ourselves, but also for others who have not been open to the truth, or the opportunity to gain strength and courage from the Word and fellowship with Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
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