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Be Still

After 50 years of knowing and serving the Lord Jesus I’ve recently become aware that I need a serious upgrade in “Being still and knowing that He is God.”   I love the Lord, and enjoy his presence, so I was deeply touched by Him saying, “Let me love you.” He made me aware that I sometimes put up barriers of resistance to spend time with Him: I “don’t have time," I don’t feel like it, or I am not wanting to acknowledge real need.   Pride can mask my desperate need to be loved and adored.

 Worry and stress interfere with blessing and intimacy.  Just ‘let it all go, all of it”.  Nothing is of any real value except knowing my love and tender touch.  The infilling of my life, my breath, my Spirit; it’s the only thing that is eternal.  It blesses Me to receive your praise and it’s good for you too but receiving and responding to my touch is love made alive.  Receive my embrace, enter my peace and rest.  Drink in the warmth of my intimate love.  Let in course through your veins and fill your breath with renewed strength in believing you are my Beloved.

Jude 21 tells “Keep yourself in the Love of God.” His Love is ours to enjoy, but we must be willing to open our hearts, mind, will and emotions to receiving it.  Making it a real priority, seeking, believing His Love is always ours, as we value it above all else.

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