We will gather ONLINE ONLY this Sunday @ 10:00 am

What\'s Going On?

Oh Father, how we need you, your strength and patience.  I feel so set apart by this quarantine.  My normal routine and way of life has been snatched away.  It is so unsettling.  I am tempted to be afraid, but I know from your Word it is not from you and you have made provision for times like this.

We have faced difficult times before, but this is so all encompassing the whole world.  The only thing that has not been shaken is You and your Word, your love, your availability to hold us steady.  You know our every thought and are aware of our fears.  Thank you that you sent the Comforter and He continues doing an incredible job calming us, encouraging us, calling us to a closer more intimate relationship with you.

Your presence is not hindered by all the noise that is filling the air space. You call us to our secret place and fill us with the living mana that feeds our need for reassurance.  Thank you that you know the end from the beginning, and nothing is a surprise to you. You have an eternal plan that no man can alter, and, in your love, you give opportunity to all to become a part of your Royal family.

Help us Lord to reach out to others and share our confidence and trust.  We experience it because we believe in Jesus and we see His obedience. He shows us the reality of who our Father God really is and the power of His love.

Call someone and let them know you care.