We will gather ONLINE ONLY this Sunday @ 10:00 am

Even So, Come Lord Jesus

A Prayer for this week of fasting a prayer
by Roberta Stultz

This week, as we spend extra time in prayer and fasting, Lord, help us to find a place in you where we feel safe, allowing you to search our heart, mind, and emotions.

Give us confidence and trust that you always wait for our invitation to be more intimate.  Your love covers all our imperfections. Please help us to welcome changes, however great or small. Give us the grace to embrace your living presence.  

Only you can fulfill our deepest and most intimate desires.  Please quell our fears of discovering anything that would be not be pleasing to you.  Help us to know that there is nothing unknown to you.  You will only ask us to acknowledge and release any area that might hinder our greater freedom and personal relationship with you.

Thank you, Lord, for your love and compassion; it is always for us and encouraging us to depend on you for all our needs and hopes and dreams. You and you alone can calm any fear and fuel any ambition to walk in and do all that you have prepared for us, through your sacrificial death and magnificent resurrection.

Thank you that you are ever with us in all our thoughts and actions, ever encouraging us to enjoy your love, your provision and hope of your soon return.  Even so, Come Lord Jesus. Amen.