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by Roberta Stultz

Have you ever had the Lord inspire you to do little things that in time you find they have an ultimate purpose? I have a niece (Rosalie’s daughter) who was given the same middle name as my own.  We have never really been awfully close, but always have enjoyed the times we have been together.  We just, sort of, understood each other through good and difficult times.   Sometimes I would receive a phone call from out of the blue with a special need to talk.  Back then we did not call it “need for prayer” but often it was just that.  When family differences occurred, she could count on me to understand.  

Recently her husband was diagnosed with cancer in three separate areas, so for the last year and a half we have been on the phone almost daily, praying for his healing.  One day at a gift shop I saw a funny lamb, that sits on the edge of a shelf with the legs hanging down. She, (we named her Gracie) wears a blue top hat and boots to match.  She makes you laugh just looking at her.  Anyway, I bought her (the lamb) and sent her to Penny and Tim.  Tim has taken Gracie to every chemo and radiation treatment, and shares with everyone that she is our reminder that we are trusting and believing the Good Shepherd for His care and healing.  Recently Penny and Tim have started to watch SWC Sunday service, so they are family.  I believe that the Lord is blessing and using our SWC streaming service to touch people in ways we cannot even imagine.  In fact, my nephew in Korea is now watching as well. I am asking today for prayer for Tim.  The Doctors say he has had enough of the chemo and radiation; he is now on hospice care at home.  

I remember when the Lord spoke to SWC one Sunday several years ago that He wanted SWC to be a “place of healing;” he was looking for a people who would be able to hold the anointing for healing, reverencing the ministry in a way that it would not become a “public flash in the pan” event. He was seeking people who believe and have experienced His healing touch personally, and have the faith for Him to heal others as well.  I am asking the Lord to show us how we can build on this hope.  He is not only our Healer, our health, our life, our future--He wants us to be a part of revealing Him to others in every way we can. Will you join me in seeking the Lord for direction on our outreach.  I believe Father has a plan for us to make a difference.

Join me in prayer for Tim as well as all those whom the Lord brings to your mind.  Help us Lord, to dare to believe for great and miraculous healings in bodies, souls, and spirits.  

Father, we seek your grace and mercy; help us to embrace your love and reach out to those who have need of your touch.