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Who Do You Say That I Am?

by Roberta Stultz

How would you tell someone who Jesus is in your life?  Not simply a recitation of what the Bible reveals, but who is He to you.  It’ s interesting, I have a clear picture in my mind of who my Father God is for me, and my relationship with Holy Spirit is fresh and real, but then I try to explain who Jesus is and I tell you what the disciples have told us about Jesus their Master, teacher and companion. We have their descriptions of Jesus in the Bible before and after the Cross.  However, Jesus wants us to know Him for ourselves, up close and personal.

There have been times when in spending time with Him, I wonder, who I have been experiencing? Father, Son or Holy Spirit.   Then the thought came to me “silly girl, you can’t divide them.” What a joy and a relief to know that I do not have to worry about what part of His love is being shared with me.  For He is Love; accept it and enjoy it. So then when I do share “who He Is to and for me,” I am really sharing how He has revealed His love to me.  When I need comfort, He is available to comfort.  When I need counsel, He offers wisdom and understanding in His Word and in my fellowship.  When I am afraid, He is my Refuge and Strength, faithful to encompassed me in His love.  When I am stressed, He is my Shephard that leads me beside the still waters and restores my soul. (when I have the courage and sense to let Him).  When the complex cares of life and relationships seem to overwhelm me, He reminds me to exercise the authority that he has given me to bind the fiery darts of the enemy, setting me free to express my gratitude with praise and worship.    How do I witness this love of our Savior?  With every breath I breathe. Most of the time (Lord enabling) it is an encouragement and blessing to those with whom I share space.  And then there are times when we get a chance to actually talk to people. And that is another story.