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Does Practice Make Perfect?

by Roberta Stultz

Probably not, but it sure can improve your abilities and allow you to perform with greater confidence.

Philippians 4:2-9 "Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in me--- put it into practice."   Paul was teaching the saints in Philippi when there was a difference of opinion between two saints in the fellowship.  Reconciliation came when they practiced what Paul had lived out before them. The guilty parties and the whole fellowship engaged in remembering and practicing joy, gentleness, prayer and focus---things we’re called to live out as believers in Jesus.  Like any habit, these virtues must be practiced in order to be cultivated. The good news is “it is God who works in you to will and to do in order to fulfill his good purpose” (2:13) We never practice God’s leadings in our own power. God will provide what we need (4:19)  

I can think of other things that I need to practice like, speaking the truth in love. Too often it is easier to agree than find the right words to express your own thought or desires concerning the issue. Also, things worth practicing, like:

Encouraging one another with thoughtful ideas or praise.
Considering others’ thoughts and ideas seriously and encouraging them to share their hopes and dreams.
Practice listening with an open mind to those who are brave enough to share their mind and heart.  
Learning to say “no” without having to explain your decision.  
Some of us may need to determine to share even if it seems uncomfortable or is a new experience.  
Taking time to call or pray for someone that the Lord has brought to your mind.  
Acknowledging or confirming things that are shared that are inspired by the Holy Spirit.  
Expecting the Lord to give you an encouraging word for a brother or sister in Christ.  

I am sure you can think of many other things that could be practiced among His loved ones. His love, faith, hope, provision, or an inspired Scripture. Practice may not make perfect but it sure can bless and encourage the gifted and the giver.

Jesus, please give us the grace to practice Your ways by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Empower us to live our lives in a way that bears the fruit of the Spirit and builds us up to reveal your redeemed family.

Happy Practicing