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Where Do I Fit?

By Roberta Stultz

Oh Father, open our minds and hearts to receive and understand the great and marvelous gift of your Son, and the purpose and price the He paid to make way for us to be united in the work of the Kingdom of our Lord and Christ.  Lord, enlighten our understanding, who we really are, co-laborers with You, new creatures in Christ. Help us believe, trust, and move in all that You have created us to be: blood-bought sons and daughters of the Most High God and King.  Empowering us with Your faith. You are the Truth, the Way, and the Life. You have given us the Holy Spirit to teach, train and inspire us to be able to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, to only do and say what the Father speaks and shows us to do.


How do I do that, you ask?  You can’t, without His divine teaching and training.

I have been trying so hard for so long and have finally discovered that the most important and productive thing I can do is to spend time with my Beloved in the Word, prayer and fellowship.  Relationship and fellowship are the key to finding the reality of my purpose and direction.  For so many years, I have thought that what I did for the Lord and other people was the way to spiritual and natural fulfillment, but I was missing the joy of intimate fellowship with my Beloved, and the discovery that I really am valued and desired. I am beginning to discover who my Lord really is, to and for me, and who I really am in Him. Out of that relationship, I can relax in His love and am learning to trust what He shows me. When my motives are pure and my heart open to correction, there comes a confidence and joy of being a part of what He is doing and blessing those that He and I both love, learning to listen to Him and to those He sends our way.