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By Roberta Stultz

GRATEFUL, Grateful, Grateful

There are times in our lives when we have the “opportunity” to experience events that challenge our mental and emotional faculties.

I am discovering they can be heavenly acts of Love, encouraging our growth, stretching our ability to discover the reality of the Lord's presence in ALL things.

I am not discounting the pain and distress, only grateful for the protection and provision and learning available from the Father's infinite wisdom and sufficiency.

Discovering the unseen covering in prayer for which I have not asked.

The loving concern of a spiritual family that I haven’t even met yet, as well as those near and dear.

The opportunity to discover the giftings in people, of which they have yet to become aware.

Realizing that in the waiting and "wading through" day by day or minute by minute, distress can be transformed into the joy and wonder of the infinite working out of the Love of our all Wise and Loving Father.

I just wish that I could be quicker to respond to His leadings, taking advantage of this plan that leads me into all that He has planned for this, His child.

Truly, weeping, fear, stress and uncertainty may endure for the night, but joy, peace and resolution comes in our discovery of His empowering presence, the dawning light of His grace and provision.

Thank you Lord (I think)