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Why Pray?

By Roberta Stultz


Because you need something?  Because you think you should, or is it a way to communicate with someone you love?  I can’t imagine not talking to my husband and children. It would be strange if I used King James English to talk to my family, not that we do, but it’s almost like we feel we have to get “ready“ to talk to God.   Like he doesn’t know all about how we are living and thinking.

We have been taught to fear God, but that is only when we haven’t discovered how much he loves us. Our fear turns to holy awe and respect as we come to know his love; we can rest in it and become the trusting children we were designed to be.  

As we grow in our relationship, we learn that it is not just all about me.  

We begin to embrace the thoughts and desires of our Lord and the needs of the family of God.

We take pleasure in learning how to fellowship with our Savior and love what he loves and enjoy serving.  

We find, as we grow in service, there is a place for us in the Kingdom that he has prepared for us.  

A place of responsibility to become active in the Father's business.

We discover we are joint heirs with Jesus, and that there is a great purpose and plan to share His love and fellowship with a very needy world.  

However, none of this can develop without a lot of heartfelt conversation with Jesus.

That’s “Why Pray”