We will gather ONLINE ONLY this Sunday @ 10:00 am

SWC Covid Protocols

SWC is practicing a hybridized version all of our normal services, activities and events, to a predominantly online experience, with the option of an in-person attendance  for those who desire to be present.  Our commitment to protecting the most vulnerable in our community remains central to the way we function, and the safety of our members and neighbors is essential to the mission and vision of SWC.
Campus Related Protocols 

Practice safety with lots of grace and healthy communication.

Work/minister ‘digitally’ when you are presenting with fever or other significant symptoms common to the Covid virus. (Also, please inform a pastor)

Face Covering/Social Distancing:

A face covering is required for all persons/visitors entering any buildings in which there are other people present.

Remain masked while moving about common areas or interacting with others.

Masks can be removed while alone, inside private office spaces, meeting or prayer rooms.

When you enter a space in which someone else is working and was expecting to be alone, it is your responsibility to stay masked, and not the person being visited (use the 6’ rule).

The 6' rule is one of the best practices for safety, and should serve as a general guide for most of our interaction.

When using a larger meeting room (101)  or the sanctuary AND when social distancing is possible, masks can be removed when you’re seated.

Please stay masked when meeting with others in small/medium  rooms (103, 105, 201, 204) or offices if social distancing is not possible.

More guidance is forthcoming as to the best ratio of persons to room size.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

High traffic areas, high frequency touch points, and common bathrooms are being cleaned and sanitized regularly.

All meeting rooms have spray bottles/rags for wiping down surfaces. We ask the person in charge of the meeting to take responsibility for this prior to leaving the room.

Please be sure that Stan ([email protected]) is notified of any room use that was not previously scheduled with him. This provides for a coordinated effort of general cleaning.

Campus Protocols