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Mexico - Los Brazos de Amor Orphanage

The Brazos De Amour Children’s Ranch is located in Agua Prieta, Mexico, and SWC has been blessed to partner with them and with Pastor Martin & Yolanda Margillain for over 20 years. Amsted is their church in Agua Pieta, which provides pastoral leadership for the Children’s Ranch.

Brazos De Amour serves children and their families by providing shelter and nurturing care for children in need. These are children whose parents are not able to care for them or those who have been abandoned. Pastor Rueben and Rosa are the house-parents to the 30 children who live at the Ranch, and along with their dedicated team, they provide for the children to their adult years, helping them to enter college or pursue a career. Dozens of children have grown to know the love of Christ and a healthy and successful adulthood through the ministry at The Ranch. It is aptly named, “Arms of Love.”